Group Classes 2017
Group ATM Classes: $125 per series
(7 classes in a series. If you miss a class in your series, you can make it up with another teacher.)
Single ATM Class: $25

Class Location
(above Fairway Market)
2121 Broadway at 74th Street, Suite 404


Winter I: 1/2-2/18

Winter II: 2/20-4/8

Spring: 4/10-5/27

Summer: 5/29-7/15

FLC weekly classes break for late July and August,
then resume in September.

Bones for Life®
Thursdays 7pm beginning April 20

Julie Sandler-Friedman will be including Bones for Life® in her Thursday 7pm class at the FLC. Bones for Life® is the work developed by Ruthy Alon, PhD, a master practitioner who has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® for fifty years, worldwide for forty-five years. The Bones for Life® processes take the Feldenkrais ATM principles into the field of gravity - that is, into sitting, standing, walking, jumping, and the use of the wall. The lessons let us practice various ways of passing weight resiliently through the aligned skeleton in the upright position, and promote improved posture, strength, joint mobility, and fluidity of movement.

To pre-register for Julie's class, please contact her by email or phone (see contact info at right).


"Awareness Through Movement Lessons
at the Learning Center are an integral
component of my Performance Wellness
training. The faculty are consummate
trainers - and their classes naturally give
performing artists what they need for attaining
optimal health, mastery and joy."
Dr. Louise Montello,
Director Performance Wellness, Inc.,
New School Creative Arts Therapy Program

"After living a life of constant pain, I am now
pain-free and powerful, thanks to your classes.
I'm relaxed after yoga but transformed after
Feldenkrais. I can't imagine my life without the
classes at the Feldenkrais Learning Center.
The classes are really one of New York's
greatest secrets!"
Diana Silva, singer

The lessons at the Center are just wonderful.
And the fantastic thing is that my shoulder and
neck have been a lot better. Getting up after sitting
a long time is easier and it takes less time to get
moving again. The teachers at the Center really
are miracle workers. Thank you, thank you."
Sue Willerman

Weekly ATM Class Schedule
Class duration is 45 to 60 minutes.
Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
so you can move freely.

Please contact the individual teacher with questions or to register for the class of your choice.

Please contact the teacher at least 24 hours before missing a class in order to make it up at another time during that series.

MONDAYS - 12:30 pm
Barbara Forbes
(212) 663-2875

MONDAYS - 7:00 pm
Suzanne Toren
(917) 697-9492 or (212) 564-0506

TUESDAYS - 12:30 and 7:00 pm
Bob Etherington
(212) 426-4646 or (917) 843-1265

WEDNESDAYS - 12:30 pm
Doron Tadmor
(917) 676-6474

WEDNESDAYS - 7:00 pm
Marilyn Bakun
(917) 583-7837

Scott Fraser
(917) 859-9636

THURSDAYS - 7:00 pm
Julie Sandler-Friedman
(212) 864-2634

FRIDAYS - 12:30 pm
Kathy Yates
(917) 450-5721

SATURDAYS - 11:00 am
Rachel Lidov
(917) 886-3798

This schedule is subject to change without
general notice.

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